Proposition concluded from this premise

Seriously now! In attempting to answer the commencing question, I think I might be that rolling stone and perhaps never. In alluding to my evading responsibilities under a snow of re-prioritizing my goals to fit in with family life, I distance myself from this proverb, however.

Never say never comes to mind too especially as it is a more fitting proverb for me at the moment. I am the one who thinks of where I currently am and make the necessary adjustments to have a full life. This makes me human and humane.

As another saying goes, it’s not over till the fat lady sings and this is one piece and life that is definitely by no means conclusive. It will be interesting to see where the next scene is set, what colors I chose to paint my world and ultimately that which will make me tick.

If you know of any berths, contrasted with the two glorious births I’ve had, of course, I can take on that is worthwhile, I might just be telling you a totally different story.

Actively Moldy

We’ve all heard someone describe another as not been the sharpest knife in the drawer and I know I’d rather not be addressed as such since this is just a refined idiom to cover the venom they are really perceived as.

For example, I hear rendition and don’t immediately think of the legal term meaning to surrender, I might think someone needs my interpretation of the latest episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Exaggerated, true, but you get the gist.

As much as I agree that a person who does not keep active will grow moldy, I totally differ as I didn’t set out to get moldy. Besides, moldy might be a tad relative here; perhaps, a little rough round the edges but my being active, is one no one can take away from me. I walk/run a mile or more in 30 minutes flat, all over the place, chasing my toddler about. Ask for yourself but be warned, it is my word against hers.

Ambitious is now my middle name

It was my first name before my current state because naturally, I had aspirations and goals but that “power suit” of an aspiring lawyer has since been traded for the “spit-up” stained tee of a stay at home Mum. I had a lot of thinking to do after moving to the States and having to take a job that will “bring my resume up to date” thereby giving it the much needed entries to “reflect” living here. I had even more thinking to do per the said job, its requital and the prospect of having my girls being minded by someone else whilst doing it. Money, the bible says, answereth all things. Enough said!

Don’t feel sorry for me, that is not the motive, please. I am in love with being a homemaker and love my family truckloads but for crying out loud, conflicts abound all over, doesn’t it? I primarily do the “womanly” duties – seeing to the girls, cooking et all as our culture demands but find my two cents is still expected in the piggy bank as our adopted culture provides. The conflict, for me, is if our culture allows me to stay home doing whatever I do whilst being provided for and relieved of all responsibilities other than that which I do. Why then is a part of it grabbed with both hands and another not relevant for where we presently reside?

*Tuts*! I really wonder where this P31 woman lives, Ghana or Canada? All I know is the Bible is the same regardless of one’s zip code. Hmmm!

I am still ambitious (after all I haven’t applied to have my middle name changed) as I still crave to be a great big success but I am currently into nurturing and taking care of my family front than the career. Pray tell, hopefully, you won’t be resentful later, I hear you thinking? This is the difference between the laddette who’s trying not to achieve anything and myself; ideas are still cooking on a back burner, somewhere, so no cause for alarm. For now though, I’m convinced that though the P31 woman is in me somewhere, she, for the most part, lives in the Bible, between houses 10 and 31.

The Interesting Life

So being a married woman in my early thirties with two children under two and a lot of on my mind, leave me no time to be on the move regularly (I know chasing after my toddler and the incessant chores I do don’t count here) but I still find time to take journeys outside of my train of thought. I take them through books/music/films, my purpose/dreams for me and my family and friends and yes, the occasional actual trips to places.

I agree that life stays interesting for those who keep moving, it is a learning curve with great wealth after all but since I propose this movement to be that of my intellect and goals rather than a physical concept, I start to ask myself some questions. The most prominent being where is the Proverbs 31 (P31) woman in me? You know, the one who has her husband’s unwavering trust, the successful entrepreneur that provides for her family and her staff, the charitable queen who is wise, intelligent and has no meddling time. The one who frees her husband (he lauds her with commendments and affection) to have a good place in society, and whose children are proud to have her as a Mum. She wears all the hats perfectly without being discombobulated.

Now, my natural instinct as a woman is to nurture but when, speaking to old colleagues, I realize I don’t know the latest amendments to money laundering laws but all the words to the theme song for “wonder pets”, that I gleefully and unashamedly sang over and over with another Mum recently for almost 5minutes; I start to wonder if I can awake the sleeping P31 within.

Am I a Rolling Stone?

Obviously not the popular rock band though it will be interesting to see if they think they are indeed rolling stones. That, of course, is another discussion in itself. My question is simple and honest, I promise. It is one that a flippant answer will not suffice for however.

Much has been said about a rolling stone, specifically the one that gathers no moss; life stays interesting for people who keep moving, an ambitious person is more successful than one not trying to achieve anything and a person who does not keep active will grow moldy, to state three.
Publilius Syrus, who is credited for this proverb, was said to have originally meant it to mean people who constantly travel and have no roots in a particular place. I’d like to say duh but I’d say obviously.

Still, for the purposes of this opinion piece, I intend to focus on the first three modern meanings stated above.